Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Pin it to WIN IT!

There are 2 new tutorials up on my youtube channel right now.

The Valentine's Day owl clip (above)...

and the LOVE NOTE hair clip tutorial (below)...

Now would you like to win the OWL hair bow at the top of this page?

All you have to do is PIN THIS POST on Pinterest (sharing the tutorials). 
Once you pin this post add the hashtag #mommycraftsalot in the comment along with a description of the pin, of course.

Come back here and leave a comment!

One winner will win the OWL hair bow *above!

Giveaway ends on Tuesday, February 5th. 
The winner will be announced here!

Pin with me!

Are you on Pinterest?
Are you as addicted as I am?

Let's be "pinning" buddies then :)

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Monday, January 28, 2013

See, I'm not hiding her!

Here she is!

Some of you were wanting to know where Miss Kennedy had been hiding. 
Oh, believe me....This lil chickie has not been IN HIDING! She is actually all over the place now. She doesn't like to stay still long enough for photos these days. 

We just received this super cute headband in the mail so I figured I better take advantage of the situation and snap a pic (Just to say HEY....she does still live here!) hehe!!

Headband came from The Petit Bowtique. Go ahead and click on that link and visit her! Tell her MCAL sent ya :)

Love is in the AIR....

I love Valentine's day!
I love the colors.
I love the cards.
Most of all, I love the chocolate!

Check out some of these LOVE DAY finds from Good Ol' Pinterest . . .
(click links below photos as they will take you to the original sites)

How cute is the "This is a STICK UP" valentine?
You can find the printables over on Sherelle Christensen

Need Valentine's Day printables? Here's a whole bunch of them ;)

These come from yesterdayontuesday blog.

Sweet treats are always nice!

Bird's Party Blog posted these Valentine's Day smores! I want to try these. 
The photo makes me wanna lick the screen too :)

Yum! This looks like a great snack to hide from the kids err I mean share with the kids!

Cupids Crunch from Plain Chicken

How I make my SPIKES for hair bows

Again, No secrets!

This is the method I currently use for my hair bows.

Remember: Do what WORKS for YOU!

Finished bow (from tutorial) 

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How to create an "MCAL" style hair bow :)

Ok, I have had a lot of questions regarding how I make my CURRENT STYLE hair bows. No secrets here, right? So, let's get some tutorials up for you guys.

BAM! (here they are) :giggle:

This is how I add marabou to my creations...

This is how I add TULLE to my hair bows...

And this is how I add my "MCAL POOF" in the middle *on top*...

I hope this helps someone out!!! Visit facebook and share your creations with me. 

How to make a hair bow (Figure 8 method)

I hope this helps you guys out!
"The Figure 8" method for making hair bows...

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