Wednesday, February 27, 2013

DIY pendants made with toys

Making pendants for your bubblegum necklaces is EASIER than you think!

See those lalaloopsy heads above? NO, I did not yank them off of their bodies! They are actually pencil toppers (not erasers though).

And these My Little Pony's were the perfect size for dangling pendants....

They actually came from those "surprise packs" found in Wally World (aka Wal-Mart). Each package comes with a pony and a collector card. You never know which one you are getting hence "Surprise"!

You can also find the smaller ponies in packages sold together at your local Toys R Us.

With the help of a EYE SCREW, You can have sweet dangling pendants for your necklaces in the matter of seconds!

You can see how I did it below :

Tuesday, February 26, 2013

CHUNKY bubblegum beaded necklace tutorial

Hair bows move over.....make room for "Chunky Bubblegum Bead necklaces"!

Ay Yi Yi, Like I needed a new addiction, right? 

I started buying beads months ago and never made a necklace. I said "I'm over beads!" I did. Just ask my friends :) I made a necklace. I made another. I made another....Well, you get the point!


These bubblegum necklaces are really easy to make and they make great little photo props.

**I let Kennedy wear her necklaces ONLY when I am around her at all times. The beads are small enough and it worries me regarding choking.

Reagan wears the necklaces with no problem since she is older. 
I have even made myself a couple!

You can find the jewelry wire, crimp beads and clasps/closures at your local craft store.

If you need the beads try doing a search for "acrylic bubblegum beads" or "acrylic chunky bubblegum beads"

A few places that I have bought from in the past :

I also buy from many bead groups and bead destash groups on facebook. There should be a thread on my facebook page that was started not too long ago with a list of groups accepting members.

20mm and up is considered "chunky". I always work with 20mm and up.

So, when you are buying keep that in mind. 20mm and up (chunky!)

You can find a huge assortment of spacer beads and other findings on the Auntie's Beads website.

You do not necessarily HAVE to use jewelry wire. You can also use stretchy elastic cording or ribbon for your necklaces. I just happen to think the wire holds up a little better :)

If you are ready to make a necklace be sure to check out my tutorial below :

Sunday, February 24, 2013

Let there be LIGHT!

and BAM.....there was light!

Ok, I have such a hard time balancing my daylight hours (AHEM KENNEDY!!) Phew! That lil wild child is just all over the place now and it leaves me very little time to work on tutorials. **Which I miss dearly :(  

Anynoodle....(just made that up and I dig it!) I decided I would try and work when she goes to bed. ***PLEASE GO TO BED, KENNEDY! 

The room that I am currently working in has little to NO light. It's just plain nuts how little light there is. Even during the day, there is not much natural light coming in.

Long story short, I needed lights. I bought lights!

They came in and here's what I got (for those that are interested, anyway)...


10'x10' Double Muslin Black White Green Chromakey Backdrop Support Kit 700W 33" White Photo Umbrella Light Kit, LMS709

 I haven't had a chance to actually "work" with them yet but just by setting them up and playing around I can already tell that I am going to LOVE the extra light.


I will give my full opinion on the whole setup once again when I actually have a chance to film while using them. 

Sunday, February 10, 2013

How to make korker hairbows

Korker hairbow tutorial by MommyCraftsAlot 

lollipop ribbon sculpture tutorial

Lollipop hair clip tutorial by MommyCraftsAlot 

How to make the TWISTER TWO LOOP TOPPER for hair bows

This is my GO TO topper for stacked hair bows. It's very simple to make!

How to make a stacked hairbow

It's not as hard as you may think!

This is how to make stacked hair bows via MommyCraftsAlot on youtube :)

Be sure to visit MOMMYCRAFTSALOT on facebook for more fun!

Surround a bow tutorial

This is the techniques that I use when making my surround a bows.
(surround a bows are usually placed on top of your spikes and it is the piece that SURROUNDS your topper bow)

Surround a bow tutorial by MommyCraftsAlot

How to make the TWISTED BOUTIQUE hairbow

If you need help "Twisting" your loops try this tutorial.