Monday, March 17, 2014

We are in the land of BREAD

We have been in this "new to us" city for 3 weeks now. It was time to "visit" a new church (and when I say VISIT I mean VISIT....I do plan to be back HOME attending our HOME church again.) Don't get me wrong I do like where we are now. It's just not "Home".

ANYHOO (Why do I always take a detour from what I originally intended to talk about?) We visited a church yesterday. It was a pretty large church (about 3 times the size of ours). I had been stressing the entire week about attending. Kennedy is ..... Well, KENNEDY! She does not like staying in the nursery. We had JUST got to the point where she would actually stay in our own church nursery (and she KNEW those people). So, I stressed. It was one of those "Mommy Stress moments". Ya know those? "What if she starts crying when we drop her off?" "What if she screams and kicks and grabs on to the door saying NO! NO! HELP ME! WHO ARE THESE PEOPLE? WHAT ARE YOU DOING TO ME? WHY ARE YOU LEAVING ME? PLEASE NO NO NO!!!"

See, a "mommy" stress!

I tried getting her excited the whole week. "You are going to play with your friends!" Her reaction: NO
"You are going to have so much FUN!" her reaction : NO!
"You are going to play with new toys!" her reaction : NO!

See why I get stressed now?

Fast Fwd to Sunday morning. I'm one big ball of nerves. (yes a little teary eyed as well) We walk in to this HUGE church and someone greets us and takes everyone to the proper place. "Will you be needing the nursery today?" she says   :GULP:  The husband shouts YES! YES! lol

We get there. DUN DUN DUN.... We try to shove her items to the closest hand available so we can get the heck out of dodge. Daddy puts her over the gate and I CRINGE!


Nothing at all.

We pick her up after service and she is playing ball with another kid and she is SMILING! We actually had to call her over so she would acknowledge us.

This week I stress for my TEEN though. LOL! She will be meeting the "youth" next Sunday.
I can do this.

Bread? What bread? Yeah, like I said I venture off topic.

As "visitors" we received a loaf of homemade bread. These people love bread around here. I am not complaining at all. That was some AWESOME bread :)

Maybe that's a way for them to tell the visitors from the members? He who carries bread...Visitor! lol

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