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Boutique Bow (design idea) Queen of Hearts ribbon collection by Ribbonology

I am in love with the Queen of Hearts ribbon collection by Ribbonology. I know I have mentioned it before ;) It simply is perfect in every way.

I thought I would start something NEW here on the blog. I'll post some design ideas for ya. Of course, if you love this ribbon you can always order some of your own at Ribbonology.

First let me show you the final product :) I kind of like it. A LOT!

Aren't the ribbons just amazing?

The bow parts I used for this hair bow:

I used two surround a bows with 7/8 inch ribbon. Surround a bow tutorials can be found HERE on my youtube channel.

For the larger surround a bow, I used 32 inches of the ribbon above. (Divided into 2 pieces)

For the smaller surround a bow, I used 28 inches of the ribbon above. (Divided into 2 pieces)

For my spikes I used the ribbon in the photo above. (All measures 7/8" in width)
Each strip measures 7 inches and I used a total of 12 strips. Tutorial for the spikes is right HERE.

I also used a Twister bow for my topper (I went a little OLD SCHOOL!) Find the tutorial here.
18 inches of 7/8" ribbon for each piece and I double layered (So, you will need TWO pieces of 18 inch ribbon. I used the white heart and the black heart print.)

Also used for this bow:
A pinwheel base bow using 36 inches of 1.5" ribbon Pinwheel hairbow tutorial HERE
A ribbon flower part
Tulle (tulle puff) Tutorial can be found HERE

a few sequin glittery buttons

Of course, you will also need your ribbon covered barrette :)

Now we are ready to start assembling the parts :) Grab your glue gun.

We are going to start with the pinwheel base. Your spikes will go on top. (So, add a bit of glue and press the spikes on top of your base bow. You can then go around the pieces with some embroidery floss for more stability *optional*.

Now add a bit more glue and add your BIGGER surround a bow on top of the spikes.

Do the exact same thing with the smaller surround a bow :)

Now this is important (to me, anyway) Since this is a BIG heavy bow with a lot of parts I like to secure my bow with more than just glue. After the glue dries on all pieces take some embroidery floss or upholstery thread and wrap the middle a few times. PULL TIGHT AS YOU GO! No one wants a wobbly bow ;)

Now we are going to add our Twister topper.
Same as before (GLUE, PRESS)

As you can see above after I added my Twister Topper I went ahead and added the bow to it's clip with 3/8" ribbon. I always wrap my 3/8" ribbon around twice.

(back of bow)

Ok, the bow is finished and honestly you could stop here if you wanted to. We won't stop here though. We like to add THE KITCHEN SINK to our bows ;)

Now I'm going to add that tulle puff I made earlier and the ribbon flower as EXTRA embellishment.

 I'm putting my tulle puff right at the top middle of this bow.

Just press the felt (with hot glue) to the top spikes and press down.

Next I am adding that ribbon flower piece. I'm going to add it to the bottom right corner (or LOOP) right behind the loop with a little glue.


Remember the sequin/glittery buttons? Now I'm just going to add them around my bow *with glue.

Bam! That's what's up :) This bow is complete.

It measures right at 5 1/2-6 inches wide *Like I said, BIG BOW!

Now who's ready to go buy some Queen of Hearts ribbon?
Find her on facebook as well, Ribbonology.

Don't forget to click on all the tutorial links above.

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