Saturday, November 29, 2014

Burst the bubble! Get yourself out there

I thought I would sit down and put pen to paper (Actually fingers to keys, in my case here).
Over the past few years I have been asked quite a few questions and not just the ones coming from my children.

You all know those, right? They usually begin with the three letters W, H and Y.

One question that comes up more than any other is "How do I get my shop noticed?" (in the same category is "How do I get more "likes" on my page?", "Where is the best place to sell?") There are others but I thought we would focus on these right now.

As many of you have noticed over the past year or so, Facebook has changed :/ BIG BOOOOOO!
Gone are the days of your "fans" actually seeing what you post (all the time). Heck, I don't get updates on some of the pages that I follow EVER!

There have been posts popping up during the past year. When these posts get viewed a lot of vendors/businesses get worried (as they should). You can usually find group chat on the subject and there is usually banter back and forth on WHAT TO DO. Months roll by and the chatter dies down until the NEXT post pops up and then it's the same cycle all over again.

First thing, We need to stop TALKING and START DOING! Facebook has made it known that they are NOT going back to the "good ole' days" anytime soon. If you are still holding on and putting all of your "eggs" in the facebook basket then you could very well be missing out on SALES.


Before I dive into this subject and offer my "opinions" let me first give you a little History lesson on.... Well, on ME!

I have not always been "Mommy Crafts A lot". I actually started out making and selling bows on Ebay. I was under a totally different name (ribbonrockstar). HOLLA! to my OLD SCHOOL ebay pals :) I was selling when the Custom Boutique Children's clothing community was HUGE. It was awesome. Just like there are groups on facebook (design groups) there were so many on ebay back then. *That's actually where they got started. Anyway, I began on ebay and surrounded myself with a "community". I got to know many others in the same business as well as made connections with mommas that loved to buy clothes and bows :)

From ebay I ventured on to my own website. I also dabbled on Etsy but not ask much...Making NEW connections as I went.

When my Reagan was about 2, I decided it was time to stop. I had way too much going on to keep up. I was chasing a 2 and 3 year old while homeschooling my oldest.

I continued to sell on etsy but it was just for my hairbow instruction ebook. Bows were pushed to the backburner and to be honest I was a little "burnt" out.

I took up blogging! I started a blog and shared my daily life with the 4 people that read daily. LOL!
Actually, blogging allowed me to make even more connections. This time I was connecting with the MOMMY BLOGGING community. I joined forums, message boards and became really good friends with so many different women.

See, where I'm going here? I'm still making connections.

Vlogging came next. My first youtube channel (no longer active) was where I put my thoughts to video. I would chat about anything and everything. I became involved with the YOUTUBE community (Where I Still belong and LOVE!) I met other moms and families doing the same thing I was doing. **Yes, I still connect with them to this day!

AND THEN we get to Mommy Crafts A lot....I wanted a separate channel just for my crafts. I've connected with even more youtubers (just youtubers with a different niche than vlogging). I've also become more involved with a "Crafting" community and even jumped back into the "bow community" on facebook.

Why on earth did I just ramble? It's to make a point. ALWAYS MAKE CONNECTIONS! The more connections you make, the more your NAME gets out there. Don't just stand in ONE spot. MOVE AROUND!

We don't just have to worry about "word of mouth" anymore. If you have a phone or a computer then you have everything you need.

What would I do?

If you are not already on Instagram, Twitter or Pinterest. JOIN!
Some of you find them obnoxious but honestly they are great tools for advertising your business.

Try to post on each one daily (be consistent). Also, interact with others! *even if it's nothing more than saying THANKS to someone that gave you a thumbs up or re-tweet.

Start a blog! (whether it be a personal blog or just a place for your business) Blogging is a great way to connect with others. It will also give you a platform to share your items! Slap up a banner right there on the side bar. Remind others to check out your website.
Again, you will have to be consistent with your posts. The best way to gain an audience blogging is to visit other blogs with the same "niche" and show support with comments. Bloggers/Blog visitors read comments and who knows they may just click on your link to see what YOU are all about :)

Join some forums, groups and message boards. *I suggest joining up with some fellow MOMMY GROUPS. Mommies like to shop ;) If they know you make a certain item then word will get around, believe me.

The chat groups within the same NICHE are great on facebook. However, just think about it. They are all making and selling the same items as you are. They share their items and chat about supplies or How to's. I'm not going to say you will NOT get a customer from these but you would have a bigger chance of reaching potential customers in other groups (not doing the exact same thing as you are).

Add your website links to emails that you send out. Drop business cards in your packages! You want return customers? Make it easy for them to find you again.

These are just a few suggestions. My main goal here was to tell you NOT to sit back and expect people to find you on accident. Jump into some NEW areas. Make new connections! New connections could turn into NEW buyers. Buyers are everywhere.....and it's going to be easier to find them if you are in more than one place.

Yes, I know that it stinks starting anything. It is miserable being at (0) but believe me you can't build something and EXPECT people just to come. You have to nurture it, maintain it and KEEP AT IT!

So, my suggestions are GET OUT THERE on Twitter, Pinterest, Blogger, Youtube, Instagram and any other group, forum and message board. Start today! Help people find you because we all know Facebook is NOT helping people find you :)


Now, that was a lot of typing :)

Tell me: Do you sell on facebook alone? Do you have a website/blog? How has facebook sales been for you over the past year?

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  1. Great tips! I mostly sell on my Facebook business page, my bow group (Once Upon a Bow), but I have recently been more active on my Instagram account. I really need to maintain my Twitter and Pinterest accounts. Sales have been dwindling on Facebook over the past year so it is becoming essential to diversify.
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