Thursday, January 15, 2015

How to make the TWISTED BOUTIQUE BOW (photo tutorial)

If you would like to view the VIDEO tutorial please watch the video below :)
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4 inch Twisted Boutique Bow by Mommy Crafts A lot

Supplies I am working with:
32 inches of 1.5" grosgrain ribbon
hair clip of choice (using alligator pinch clip)
hot glue gun
lighter *For sealing your ribbon ends
coordinating ribbon for your center 3/8" or larger width

 First step: Heat seal the ends

 We are going to be working with the right side of the ribbon first. Find the end....

 The rest of the ribbon is to the left (The long tail as I call it)

 Form your first loop with the right side of your ribbon END

I like to twist my ribbon down like this so I can get a good measure of just how wide my loop is. Measuring your loop will let you know just how wide to make the next one. You don't want one loop larger than the other!

 Now we are going to go to the LONG tail and make the next loop (the left side)

Form the 2nd loop just like you did the first loop and criss cross it over the first like below :)

 Now see the ribbon tail? It's pointing down.

 We are going to take that "tail" and form our 3rd loop.

 Once the loop is formed tuck it under the first two loops

 Not see the remaining ribbon? We need to form the very last loop.

 Form your loop and twist it around to match the 3rd loop. The tail will now be at the top. (ribbon end)

 What I like to do now is flip the bow. I want that ribbon end (tail) on the bottom) Like below:

 Time to crease :)
Holding the bow firmly with your fingers press down at the very top middle...

 Now press UP from the bottom...

 And finish with one more fold...

 Think: Accordion fold (Down, up, Down)
Now you can secure everything together with thread (Try to match your thread to your bow UNLIKE what I did here. HEHE!) My favorite threads to use: Upholstery thread or embroidery floss! You can tug on those without breaking.

Optional: I like to spray my bows with a little Stiffen Quik (You can find this at Wal-Mart near the fabric glues.) This will stiffen your bow and help it retain it's shape. A LITTLE GOES A LONG WAY with this brand ;)

Time to add the bow to a clip!
I am adding mine to a partially lined alligator pinch clip. Alligator pinch clips can be purchased just about anywhere. Sally's Beauty Supply is where I get the majority of mine.
The reason I partially line the clip instead of lining the full clip? For girls with more hair it's easier for the clip to go in if it's not lined on the bottom. If she has little to FINE hair then a fully line clip would work best.

Add glue to the clip

Place it on the back of your bow

 Wrap the bow with a piece of ribbon for the center. I am using a KNOT CENTER below. I glued the knot to the middle and wrapped to the back of my bow. I then secured it with a little more hot glue.

 Trim, seal and YOU ARE DONE!


  1. I came across a facebook page (bowbratz). There is a frozen boutique bow that I would love to see a tutorial on. In the right side of the bow was Anna themed and the left side was Elsa themed. I tried to upload a picture but I was not successful. Will you please checked out the page? I would really appreciate a tutorial on the spikes. Thank you

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