Saturday, January 10, 2015

Magical Unicorn poop cookies? WHAT?!

I tried the Magical Unicorn Poop cookies that I keep seeing on Pinterest. The pictures are all so BRIGHT and COLORFUL and well it's Unicorn Poop....That's funny and somewhat magical, right?

I'm leaning more towards the FUNNY side ;) I wanted to make the kids giggle.

The recipe is basic (Sugar Cookie dough, food coloring)
The instructions were simple.

The outcome? MEH
Mine turned out flat as in PANCAKE flat.
I even tried different methods. NOPE, all turned out flat.
Not sure where I went wrong...

The kids said they looked like PlayDoh. We shall call these "Play Doh" cookies then.
*Works for me!*

Watch the video here:

Join me next Wednesday as I try yet another "Pinterest" project.

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