Friday, March 20, 2015

Easter Bunny hair clip DIY | Cute bunny ears just in time for Easter HOW TO

I love bunnies. I love carrots. I love eggs. I love baskets filled with goodies!!
I love it all. Most of all? I love WARMER WEATHER!!!
Can I get an AMEN?

The shelves are stocked with my favorite little peanut butter eggs so that means THE EASTER BUNNY MUST COME SOON :)

Your little one needs some cute bunny ears. Don't you agree?

Try these:

*There's also a really easy "bunny" clip included at the end :)

Supplies used:

1.5" grosgrain ribbon
3/8" grosgrain ribbon
mini pom poms, sequin buttons
hair clips
Stiffen Quik spray (optional)

Need ribbon sources?
Check out some of the ladies in my most recent haul videos. I adore them all.


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