Sunday, April 26, 2015

Do you sell supplies? Host auctions? Run a BUY GROUP on Facebook? Link up!

Most of you know and for those that DON'T....I'm helping (along with many other awesome ladies) update the I like big bows blog. We are getting ready to make that "bow making" life a little easier for ya. We are setting up files for suppliers/ribbon vendors, BUY GROUPS and Auction venues.

Do you run a buy in group on facebook?
Post your info HERE <---form

Do you admin or own a Destash group on facebook? *A destash is a group where members sell and buy craft supplies from each other**
Post your info HERE <----form

Do you host auctions on a weekly/monthly basis?
Post your info HERE <----form

Do you sell supplies such as ribbon (or other goodies for bow making)?
Post your info HERE <-----form

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