Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Ribbon Haul! (Simply Glitzy ribbon, Frozen Fever, My Little Pony and Shopkins)

Ah, the sweet smell of NEW RIBBON!

All of the ribbon above comes from Simply Glitzy ribbon. If you are interested in anything seen here then just check out their website.

Watch my video regarding the ribbon haul:

The other ribbon mentioned did not come from Simply Glitzy. I purchased it in DESTASH on the Mommy Crafts A lot facebook page.

I'm planning on making Kennedy a few new bows. She is the biggest Shopkins fan that I know. You can never go wrong with Frozen or My little Pony either.

Get your "BOW" on :)

Monday, May 25, 2015

So you want to make a bow? THE BASE BOW (Pt. 2)

Alrighty then, We discussed supplies. We also recognized the difference between a Stacked Boutique Bow and an OTT hair bow. Now we can move on to Part 2 of this series. We will be making a BASE BOW.

Let me first clarify something: A base bow is NOT something that you just HAVE to have. This is a preference and often a topic for debate. I have always preferred a base bow. Some don't. That is OK! No right or wrong way here, folks! Don't EVER let anyone tell you different either. Your bow....your rules.

However, back in the OLD days when the stacked bows started popping up on good ol' ebay (That's where we used to hang out way before facebook!) we just always included a base bow (Twisted Boutique Bow usually). So, that is how I am going to walk through this series . . . with a base bow ;)

I prefer to use a Twisted Boutique bow as my base. However, I have also used the pinwheel. Both work as they should. (They hold the rest of your bow giblets in place!)

Let's start off with the Twisted Boutique Bow (Figure 8 method).

Supplies used in this tutorial:

Ribbon (7/8") in the color creamsicle and also a coordinating ribbon in 3/8"
alligator pinch clips
upholstery thread
lighter for heat sealing
glue gun

7/8" ribbon vs 1.5" ribbon: I like using 7/8" for my base bows if I make Twisted Boutique Bows. I will use 1.5" for pinwheel base bows. Why? I like my TBB LOOPY if you will notice in my videos. I find that using 1.5" on a TBB makes the entire bow tall and somewhat awkward on Kennedy's head especially after I layer all bow parts on top. It becomes more of a TOP HAT than a bow.  7/8" is perfect, IMO and if you double up on the ribbon and spray with Quik Stiffen ALL IS GOOD ANYWAY. It will hold your bow "giblets" ;)

I'm going to be making a 3 1/2 inch bow *Meaning it measures 3 1/2 inches WIDE* so I trimmed off 26 inches of my ribbon.

If you want to make a wider bow just go up in length by a couple of inches. (smaller bow go down by 2 inches)  Just remember by going up 2 inches you will add 1/2 inch to your bow's width.

I am also going to be DOUBLE LAYERING the ribbon for my base bow. (I used 2 pieces of 26 inch ribbon.) Why do I double up on the ribbon? It just makes the bow more "sturdy". I also double up on the ribbon for my toppers too *but we will talk about that when the time comes. You definitely want to double up on your ribbon if your ribbon is only one sided (meaning: the other side has no print) It will just make your bow look better! Trust me ;)

 First step: Heat seal those ribbon ends, y'all!

 Now you can layer the two ribbons together. Make sure they are good and straight (even with each other in length).

 Now you are going to take the entire ribbon piece/ length of ribbon and fold it in half. So stretch your two ribbons out together (making sure they are even) and fold the piece in half so that you have a crease in the middle.

Crease it well enough where you can see it!
Now, this is the middle of the ribbon. This is where your loops will meet. We do this so everything on the bow is measured out and perfectly even in the end.

 Ok, now it's time to start forming some loops! I work with the top first. You will want to grab your ribbon like I have it in the photo and form a "U" shape. (The U is upside down here but you get the point, right?)

 Now you are going to flip that end over where it flattens itself out.
*Just twist your hand to the left and it will flatten your ribbon end. Bring the end to the crease.

 This will serve as your first two loops. It looks like an awareness type ribbon, right?

 Now, I don't know about YOU but my two hands can only do so much. I need help holding my ribbon down while I work on the next side. All I did was take one of my alligator clips and clip it in place. Ta Da! An extra hand :)

Now we can work on the opposite end.
We are going to do the same exact thing that we did above except we are going to bring our ribbon over to the OPPOSITE side when forming the big loop.
If you look at the first photo you will know what I am referring to. We went to the left side. Now we are going to the RIGHT side.

 Form the "U" and bring the ribbon end to the middle crease overlapping the first by a "tiny bit". I clipped it together with my first loop. (ali clip)

Now you can see why this is known as the FIGURE 8 METHOD! It looks like a race track if you ask me but anyway....

 It's a figure 8!
Ok, we are going to fold these two LARGE loops into our four smaller loops. Stay with me now.
I'll be working at the top hmm or maybe it's the LEFT? hehe

 Grab your loop and hold it up.

Don't twist it. Don't turn it. Don't do anything to it besides lifting it up!

Now bring it to the middle crease area. (Where those clips are)

 Remember, no flipping or turning! We are simply going to press this down in the middle.

 BOOM! Done! See those TWO LOOPS now?

 Grab another clip and secure it. (Extra hands are nice!)

Now we are going to do the EXACT same thing to the other side.

 Pull your loop straight up.

 Bring it down and flatten it next to the other loops.

 (This is the BACK of your bow)

 Now you can remove the ali clips and FLIP the bow to the other side. Adjust your loops or make them even because they may have shifted during the process.

This is the front of the bow. See? It resembles an actual bow now!

 Now it's time to crease the middle.

 Secure it with upholstery thread or sew.

 This is the back of your bow once it is secure.

 Now all you have to do is spray it down with some of your starch or fabric stiffener so that it holds it's shape and set it aside. We can now work on the rest of our bow parts.

Of course, if you aren't planning on using it as a base bow for a stacked boutique bow then you can go ahead and add it to your clip.

Go watch the video too!

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So you want to make a bow? Stacked Boutique Bow vs OTT hair bow (difference)

Ok, in Part one of this series we talked about supplies. We talked about the supplies you will need for making hair bows. We are about to move on to Pt. 2 (The Base bow) because we are making our way through a STACKED BOUTIQUE BOW.

Before we go on...Let's go ahead and answer the question : "What is the difference between a STACKED BOUTIQUE BOW and an OTT (Over the Top) Boutique bow?"

Here's my take on the two:

A stacked boutique bow consists of a BASE BOW, SPIKES, SURROUND A BOW and TOPPER. It's for those that like a little more "umph" with their bows but are not quite ready for the showstopper OTT bows.

An OTT bow consists of all of the above (Base bow, spikes, surround a bow, topper) but can also include other items such as tulle, marabou puffs, ostrich feathers, lace etc. **I like to call them "Kitchen Sink bows". *You know the saying Everything but the kitchen sink? Well, these bows contain it all including the kitchen sink ;) You know the post office says "If it fits, it ships." Well, if it can fit in or ON your bow and doesn't fall off the clip....Yeah, that's an Over the Top hair bow.

Ready to move on ?

Check out the rest of this bow making series:

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Thursday, May 21, 2015

Ribbon Haul featuring TUTU THE MOON

New ribbon has arrived!
Is there anything better than a big package of ribbon? I think not!

Check out my ribbon haul right here:

This ribbon comes from If you haven't checked her ribbon out already then you really should click on over and take a "look". It's some cute stuff!

(Click on the photos for close up detail.)

Which is your favorite theme up there? All four are great for the upcoming summer months.

The felties you see in the photos come from Lulu's.
Tutu The Moon Website
Tutu the Moon facebook

Saturday, May 16, 2015

HOW TO: Triple Twister hairbow tutorial by Mommy Crafts A lot

I am slowly but surely working my way to building up a new SUMMER bow wardrobe for Kennedy. It's been awhile since I have made a bow. Why? Well, I've been quite busy around here. (Which really means I've been sitting here pinning yummy recipes on pinterest while watching Law & Order reruns.) HEY, Pinterest is time consuming! 

Actually, I've been in a craft SLUMP of sorts. I have the best of intentions. I DO! I start projects and then lose interest or move on to another. Anyone else feel me? 

I love LOVE LOVE making the big beautiful OTT bows however....that darn "losing interest" thing kicks in. I haven't been finishing them plus I have a little secret : Kennedy doesn't really wear the OTT BOWS now days. Did I say that out loud? LOL! She wears simple styles now. 

Of course, now I am getting off subject.


So, here I sit....
making bows


This one? Well, it's so simple. I mean, REAL SIMPLE!
Can you make the TWISTER BOW?

If you can make a twister bow then you can make this bow because all it is ....
(3) Twister bows!

I'm going to be making a 3 1/2" (width) bow today using 7/8" ribbon.

To start you will need (2) pieces of 15" ribbon. The color I am using is Dark Orchid by Schiff. You can purchase your own at :)

 Layer the two ribbons together (one on top of the other)

Now you are going to form a loop. I start at the top of the ribbon on the RIGHT side (Like below) LOOP over the remaining piece.
You will now have a "tail".

 Now just go to the other side and do the exact same thing. Make a loop and cross it over where the TAIL part points down.

 You will need to crease the center and tie it off (Or sew)...whatever tickles your fancy ;)

I use a strong upholstery thread or embroidery floss.

Now you will trim up your tails. I like to clip mine as short as possible for this style bow. I want them to be somewhat hidden behind my other loops once it is pieced together.

 Heat seal, OF COURSE :)

 *Both ends

Now do this again for another TWISTER BOW. Same width and lengths as above.

Once your bows are finished. Take your fingers and pry the loops apart. (Just a gentle tug)

It should look like this. BOTH

 Now here are the two pieces you are working with. You just need to take them and PIECE them together. Do not place them on top of each other. However, you will need the bottoms to touch each other there in the middle.


 Tie them together with your thread.

Now you can take some of your fabric stiffener and spray that baby until it's good and stiff.
A few squirts will be fine, believe me :)

 It resembles a DOUBLE STACKED Twisted Boutique bow, right? Without the hassle of those LOOPS!

 Here's what the back looks like

 Ok, now we are ready to add the third piece. This is called the TRIPLE TWISTER BOW afterall.

I used (2 pieces of 13" ribbon) I used the exact same ribbon as above.
I formed another TWISTER BOW *same instructions.

 I took the loops apart....barely

Then I secured it to the middle of my bow and secured with MORE thread :)

 Look at those LOOPS!!!!!
Now it's time to secure this bow to your clip.
I am using an aligator pinch clip today but you can use a french barrette too!
ADD a dab of hot glue (A DAB WILL DO!)

Attach your bow

 Now using a coordinating 3/8" ribbon I am going to secure this bow to my clip.

 I wrap this 3/8" ribbon around twice and then secure with a little more hot glue, clip off the excess and heat seal the edges. Don't forget about the back of your bow!!

I also find that going that extra step (or few steps) by securing with thread and then securing with ribbon will prevent my bow from shifting. NO ONE LIKES A WOBBLY BOW! I also try and make sure to TUG hard on that ribbon when securing my bows to clips. I am not a fan of a BIG BULKY CENTER.

Here is that the bow will look like if you DO NOT pull the loops apart. It's still cute, eh?

Here's what it looks like when you pry the loops apart. LOOPY!!! I love it.

Here it is in APPLE GREEN :)

Here is one that I did with TWO colors :)
This one is my favorite! (Loops are pulled apart on this one.) It's SO LOOPY! I COULD DIE.

I told you this was easy. Now go forth and MAKE A BOW!

Need the video? Here ya go ;)