Monday, May 25, 2015

So you want to make a bow? Stacked Boutique Bow vs OTT hair bow (difference)

Ok, in Part one of this series we talked about supplies. We talked about the supplies you will need for making hair bows. We are about to move on to Pt. 2 (The Base bow) because we are making our way through a STACKED BOUTIQUE BOW.

Before we go on...Let's go ahead and answer the question : "What is the difference between a STACKED BOUTIQUE BOW and an OTT (Over the Top) Boutique bow?"

Here's my take on the two:

A stacked boutique bow consists of a BASE BOW, SPIKES, SURROUND A BOW and TOPPER. It's for those that like a little more "umph" with their bows but are not quite ready for the showstopper OTT bows.

An OTT bow consists of all of the above (Base bow, spikes, surround a bow, topper) but can also include other items such as tulle, marabou puffs, ostrich feathers, lace etc. **I like to call them "Kitchen Sink bows". *You know the saying Everything but the kitchen sink? Well, these bows contain it all including the kitchen sink ;) You know the post office says "If it fits, it ships." Well, if it can fit in or ON your bow and doesn't fall off the clip....Yeah, that's an Over the Top hair bow.

Ready to move on ?

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  1. Hi Linda! I noticed you make the over the top hairbows with feather. I have been looking for a very long time for a tutorial on how to make them. My granddaughter loves them. Do you have a tutorial that you can send me? I will be happy to pay you for it. My name is LaVoynne Smith and my email is.

  2. omg, I Need this adorable cards theme bow in my life, I am 40, probably should not really war it , but as I am going to dealer school here in LAS VEGAS, it fits !!