Monday, November 16, 2015

Let's make a hairbow! (Polar Express PONY TAIL bow DIY) Photo tutorial

If you would like to view the video click below :)

Additional videos (if needed)

Ponytail bow
Twisted Boutique Bow 
Twisted Boutique Bow Figure 8
Surround a bow
Tulle puff

The ribbon I am working with comes from Rollin N Ribbon. (Polar Express inspired)

I will be working with the following bow parts (additional tutorials are located on my youtube channel) :

(2) Twisted Boutique bows using 7/8" ribbon, One will be used as my BASE bow and the other will serve as the TOPPER BOW Spikes, A semi-surround a bow with tails, a tulle puff and other small embellishments

 Measurements :

Twisted Boutique Bow (BASE) 7/8" ribbon 25 inches
Twisted Boutique Bow (TOPPER) 7/8" ribbon 25 inches
Spikes 12 pieces of 6 inch ribbon (2 ribbons per pattern)
Surround a bow w/tails 26 inches of 7/8 inch ribbon (2 pieces double layered)
Various other tails (Length is based on your preference. These will be the longer portions of the bow.)

Twisted Boutique Bow
I will be using the figure 8 method today.

I am using 2 pieces of ribbon (Double layer) One ribbon will be seen on both sides. I want my Polar Express ribbon on the outside and the candy cane on the inside. Heat seal all ends before proceeding!

Layer the ribbons together

Fold in half

Add one of your pinch clips to the crease line (This shows where the middle of your ribbon is.)

 I start at the top, form a loop which resembles an awareness ribbon. Bring this down to your clip (Middle) and secure under your clip or hold in place with your finger.

 Do the exact same thing to the other side (bottom)

Now go back to your first LOOP (top)
Bring it toward you and press DOWN to the center.

Your first two loops!

 Now go do the exact same thing to the other side :)

I like to lay my loops on top of each other (Where the backs line up)

 Turn your bow OVER to the other side. Adjust your loops and Crease the middle. You are now finished with your Twisted Boutique Bow!

 Now on to the Spikes!

 I cut all of my pieces into 6 inch strips. (2 per ribbon design)

 I am working with 12 strips today.

Make sure that all of your strips are EVEN! I also run my lighter along the edges just to prevent any fraying while I am working on my spikes. Whatever you do, just make sure they are even with each other before you begin!

Now take them and stack them together (one big stack) but make sure you layer the pieces with the match on top.

Now you can fold them and put a straight pin in the middle to determine where the center is.
Of course, you can also eyeball it :)

Now just fan your pieces out. Today I am doing something different. I usually spread my spikes where one print is on the left side and one print is on the right but I am putting them together today (like below) Just something DIFFERENT ;)

Trim the ends

 Heat seal, of course!

Spread them all out again and make sure they are even then sew your middle up. If you are working with your woodburner like I normally do then you can go burn three holes in the middle and sew your embroidery floss in and out....PULL REALLY TIGHT when you get to the top for your crease. I will share this with you in an upcoming tutorial though.

Now it's time for the SURROUND A BOW (Well, half of a surround a bow with TAILS)

I am using two ribbons because they are one sided ribbons (I don't want the white back showing through). I fused the two pieces together with my Heat and Bond and they are NOT GOING ANYWHERE! I don't have to worry about them shifting or GLUE to dry.

Now fold your ribbon in half. We need to know where the center is.

 There it is!

Place an alligator clip right there in the middle to mark your CENTER.

 Now form your first loop

 Not sure how wide to make the loop?
I take my twisted boutique bow (TOPPER) and place it up to the surround a bow loop. Does it fit? GOOD That's how wide your loop should be then.

Take another pinch clip and clip at the top. DO NOT GLUE your LOOP DOWN YET!

Now go to the other side and do the exact same thing!

A good way to see if your loops are even (as far as width and length go)
Check the tails. Are they even? NO? Then pull up on your loop a little until they are even with each other.

Ok before you glue your loops down we are going to add some more tails.
I've gathered several ribbons in the same color/pattern scheme.

To add these pieces go up and lift your surround a bow loops. Insert the pieces underneath and glue. Fabric Fusion works wonders here (Will take some time to dry though)
Make sure as you are layering all of these "tails/streamers" that they are lining up with your original Surround a bow TAILS.

Now once all of these have been added go ahead and GLUE your first loops down on top.

Ok, let's put this bow together now :)

First is your BASE BOW (Twisted Boutique bow)

 Glue the spikes on top. Wrap or sew around each other.

Attach your surround a bow w/tails on top of the spikes and do the same (Glue, sew or wrap)

 Attach your topper bow (Twisted Boutique) using the same method.

 I added my tulle puff to a felt circle. I then attached it to the back of my spikes (at the top corner)

 Now you can attach your bow to the hair clip and wrap the center with coordinating ribbon. For the finishing touches I added a bottlecap to the center, a red sequin bow was glued to the top and then I clipped a few "tickets" off of the ribbon and attached those to the spikes as well.